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Brondel D-1

Martin HD28

Yamaha LL16

(Pickups: K+K, LR Baggs)


Eastman MD515



Eastman AC720

Eastman E10D

(Pickups: K+K)


Yamaha YFL381

Tin whistles

Tony Dixon Music (D)

Clarke's (D)

Brian McDonald

Megan Ramsay

2018 10 21 St Lawrence's credit Heather

I grew up surrounded by music of all genres, and love listening to a wide range of styles. Classically trained on the flute, I branched out into folk via the tin whistle, but voice was my first instrument. I've been singing and writing lyrics all my life and eventually picked up the guitar in order to create more complete songs. I still have my Dad's old classical guitar, as well as two acoustics – they're all family, as far as I'm concerned! The magic that happens when Brian's voice and mine combine is one of the great joys of performing with him.

My lovely Martin HD28 has been a constant companion since shortly after hearing Pete Townsend strumming Pinball Wizard. I decided to pester my poor mother to buy me a guitar and since then, I've never been lonely. HD and I have spent many nights, just the two of us, working through songs and styles ranging far and wide - from Bowie to Celtic folk, eventually venturing into the world of original lyrics and music. The result is Red, Green and Blue - the most wonderful way I can imagine of whiling away my time.....

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